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Controlled Release Technologies

Sustained-release tablets are manufactured to be more potent but dissolve slowly so they release small amounts of a medication into a patient's system over an extended period of time. Controlled release technologies allow patients and physicians to be in better control of patient health.

There are three types of controlled release technologies. These types of drugs are similar, but have some nuances that distinguish them:

  • Controlled-release tablets release medication over a sustained period at a nearly constant rate.
  • Delayed-release drugs release the active ingredient at a time other than immediately after administration.
  • Sustained-release (or extended-release) drugs maintain drug release over a sustained period but not at a constant rate.
  • Pulse-release drugs have a delayed-release to ensure that the drug is delivered at the right time or place in the patient’s body.

Controlled-release technology can be employed in multiple forms, including gels, implants and devices and transdermal patches.


Benefits of Sustained-Release Tablet Formulations

The controlled release technologies utilized in pharmaceutical development have many benefits. A sustained-release tablet:

  • Releases more slowly into the bloodstream
  • Provides the ability to maintain a constant level of medication within the body
  • Eliminates the likelihood of burst drug release
  • Reduces the number of doses which lowers expenses and improves patient compliance, especially for chronic diseases
  • Decreases side effects
  • Improves the location of the release of the drug within the body, for example, in the small intestines instead of the stomach
  • Reduces sleep disruption due to breakthrough pain
  • Improves patient experience because pills do not have to be administered every 4-6 hours
  • Improves consistency of plasma levels to help obtain therapeutic efficacy and decrease potential toxicity

Working with an extended-release tablet manufacturer to create new controlled release formulations of existing drugs increases revenue by extending the patent expiration period for the new delivery system. In addition, the FDA approval timeline is generally shorter than for a traditional drug because it can be compared to the existing formulation already on the market.

The UPM Delayed-Release Tablet Manufacturing Facility

Our US-based delayed-release tablet manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce hundreds of millions of doses of sustained-release tablets and other pharmaceuticals every year. Our campus includes close to 500,000 square feet of cGMP compliant first-class research, manufacturing and storage facilities. Our all-in-one facility fosters collaboration and seamless integration across the manufacturing process.

These facilities feature the ability to handle analytical, microbial and stability testing, and include a full-service analytical laboratory to achieve success in the production of solids and semi-solids at all scales.

Why Choose UPM as Your Extended-Release Tablet Manufacturer?

UPM is a family-owned CDMO located in Bristol, TN. We specialize in all aspects of delayed-release tablet manufacturing, including the packaging and storage of sustained-release tablets.

We have an award-winning track record of quality and unparalleled customer service. Our team of experts has years of experience formulating solutions to ensure that your project reaches commercial success. Our expertise ensures that your products have finely controlled dosing and optimal drug efficacy.


Harness the Power of Controlled Release Technologies

From compounds to commercial production, we are the delayed-release tablet manufacturing partner you can trust for all of your pharma production needs. Discover why UPM is the best CDMO and extended-release tablet manufacturer. Reach out to set up an appointment today.

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