Semi-Solid Dosage Manufacturing and Handling

cGMP Manufacturing of Creams & Ointments

Semi-solid dosage manufacturing, including development and commercialization, requires specialized expertise across testing, formulation, and production to achieve the desired quality attributes and therapeutic effect. For these products, in particular, ensuring the appropriate distribution of API and excipients is essential for creating a product that is both efficacious and marketable, making consistency at the product and process levels a key factor to success.

Semi-Solid Dosage Operations

UPM has extensive experience bringing semi-solid OTC and Rx products to market, with cGMP production capacity for 1,300,000 kilogram units annually of creams and ointments per year on a single shift.

Our expertise spans all phases of the semi-solid manufacturing and packaging process, from analytical and formulation development to commercial-scale manufacturing and packaging. Whether you’re partnering with UPM from the start or coming to us by way of tech transfer, we will offer proper semi-solid dosage guidance and implement the optimal processing conditions to maintain homogeneity at all scales, while ensuring proper particle distribution and product consistency.

Semi-Solid Capabilities

  • Analytical Development
  • Formulation Development
  • Tech Transfer and Scale-up
  • Commercial Manufacturing From 200 to 2000 Gallons
  • Automated Jar and Tube Packaging Lines
  • Semi-solid Manufacturing in 200- to 300-Gallon Pressure Vessels
  • Offline Serialization (Aggregation Preparation in Process)

Your Partner in Semi-Solid Dosage Manufacturing

If you are searching for a semi-solid dosage manufacturing partner, please reach out to us by contacting us online today.