Packaging & Warehousing

Meet Your Commercial Supply Chain Partner

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end once your product launches—it endures throughout its entire lifecycle. As a commercial supply partner to several pharmaceutical companies, including Big Pharma, we maintain robust packaging and storage channels to protect the integrity of your product as it moves through the supply chain. At UPM, the safe, reliable and long-term supply of your product is our top priority. 

Packaging and Serialization

Whether you’re looking to produce clinical or commercial quantities, we will work with you to develop the most efficient packaging solution for your needs, while safeguarding the stability of your product during storage and distribution. Trust our expert staff, detailed scheduling process and flexible packaging equipment to optimize your product beyond commercial launch.

Packaging Capabilities

  • 3 Solid Dose Bottle Lines For Tablets and Capsules
  • 50–100 Bottles per Minute
  • Nitrogen Blanketing
  • Automated Semi-solid Tube and Jar Line For Creams and Ointments
  • Vibratory Line
  • Low-humidity Solutions
  • Thick-wall Bottles, Desiccants, Oxygen Absorbers and Nitrogen Purging

Serialization Capabilities

  • Offline Serialization Strategy for Maximum Flexibility, Efficiency and Capacity
  • Ability to Work With All Serialization Codes
  • Labels are Preprinted, Electronically Verified and Applied to Bottles or Cartons
  • In Process of Meeting Aggregation Requirements


UPM has nearly 300,000 square feet of dedicated warehousing space. Our electronic inventory system is fully validated. All areas are temperature controlled, mapped, and are under constant surveillance by the automated electronic building system.

Warehousing Capabilities

  • 248,263-square-foot general warehouse
  • 4,200 square feet of cold room storage
  • 20,079 square feet of office space
  • 8,300 square-foot DEA Approved Vault Space
  • 8,588 square-foot DEA cages
  • 7 docks
  • Generator for critical systems