Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing and Handling

cGMP Oral Solid Dosage Manufacturing of Tablets & Capsules

From efficiency-enhancing technologies for clinical trial supply to scale-up mechanisms for commercial production, UPM has the flexible infrastructure and expertise to support our customers across all stages of oral solid dosage drug product development.

Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing

UPM has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of solid oral dosage forms, including modified- and immediate-release formulations, from clinical to commercial scale. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our longstanding in-house expertise, provides our customers with the highest quality solid oral dosage form through the most efficient processes.

Whether you’re running a small R&D batch or large commercial supply, UPM can seamlessly deliver solid form solutions for you, with the capacity to produce from 100 to 100,000-plus tablets or capsules per hour, and 4 Billion units annually on a single shift.

Oral Solid Dosage Capabilities

  • Blending
  • High-Shear and Fluid-Bed Granulation
  • Variable Capacity High-Speed Coating
  • Wurster Coating
  • Extrusion-Spheronization
  • Roller Compaction
  • Bi-layer Compression
  • Precision Processing of Fine Powders, Pellets, Granules and Crystals
  • Production of High-Density, Low-Excipient Granules
  • Uniform, Durable Compaction
  • Mini-Tablets and Bi-Layer Tablets
  • Encapsulated Tablets and Beads
  • Immediate-Release Tablet and Capsule Formulations
  • Modified-Release Tablets and Capsule Formulations
  • Oral Disintegrating Tablet (ODT) Formulation
  • Modified-Release and Cosmetic Tablet Coating
  • High-Dose Capsule and Tablet Formulation

Xcelodose® Micro-Dosing

UPM uses the precision micro-dosing Xcelodose system from Capsugel to help you reach first-in-human trials faster by eliminating the need for excipient compatibility and pre-formulation. Xcelodose allows you to dose down to 100 micrograms of powder and can be used for APIs alone—without bulking agents or excipients—which is particularly useful for stability studies.

Xcelodose Capabilities

  • Precision dosages as low as 100µg per capsule
  • Fully automated, humidity controlled enclosed system
  • High-potency, direct fill without excipients or bulking agents
  • Accelerated drug development cycles

Your Partner in Oral Solid Dosage Manufacturing

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