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Advanced Serialization in Pharma for DSCSA Compliance

Effectively adhering to the 2024 DSCSA mandate demands a focused strategy in pharmaceutical serialization and traceability, and we are here to help. UPM Pharmaceuticals offers comprehensive pharmaceutical serialization solutions, expertly tailored to ensure compliance with these stringent requirements. Our robust pharmaceutical product serialization techniques are designed for accuracy and efficiency, ensuring that your products meet all necessary standards. And our advanced pharmaceutical data aggregation solutions help you maintain a secure and transparent supply chain, reinforcing your commitment to patient safety and product integrity.

Understanding Pharmaceutical Serialization Requirements

Pharmaceutical serialization requires assigning a unique identifier to each drug unit. This identifier, encompassing the lot number, expiration date and a unique serial number, ensures traceability and security in the drug supply chain. The DSCSA requires these identifiers to be both human and machine-readable, facilitating verification throughout the supply chain. At UPM Pharmaceuticals, we simplify compliance, enhancing the authenticity and safety of your products with our expert pharmaceutical serialization solutions. The new electronic prescription tracking system for pharmaceutical serialization starts November 27, 2024. Partnering with UPM Pharmaceuticals ensures a streamlined transition to DSCSA compliance, guiding you through the new electronic prescription tracking system requirements.

Benefits of Serialization in Pharma

Pharmaceutical product serialization is a critical step towards ensuring drug authenticity and supply chain security. The pharma serialization process is not just about meeting regulatory requirements but also about safeguarding public health. UPM Pharmaceuticals excels in providing comprehensive pharmaceutical serialization solutions, supporting these key advantages:

  • Enhances Drug Safety: Guarantees the authenticity and safety of each pharmaceutical product, a core goal of pharmaceutical product serialization.
  • Combats Counterfeit Drugs: Effectively combats the prevalence of counterfeit medications.
  • Improves Recall Processes: Facilitates swift and precise recall actions, minimizing public health risks.
  • Ensures Regulatory Compliance: Helps in adhering to industry standards, including the DSCSA mandates regarding pharmaceutical serialization and traceability.
  • Promotes Trust and Accountability: Strengthens consumer trust and fosters a culture of accountability within the pharmaceutical industry.

Partner with UPM Pharmaceuticals to leverage these benefits of pharmaceutical serialization and traceability for your products.

pharma serialization

Streamlining Supply Chain Efficiency with Pharmaceutical Data Aggregation

Pharmaceutical data aggregation plays a vital role in the process of pharmaceutical serialization, providing a method to efficiently link serialized products with their containers. This approach not only complements but also significantly streamlines the serialization process. For instance, consider this scenario: individual products, each with their own serial number, are packed into a case. These cases are then assembled onto a pallet, with each case and the pallet itself also having unique serial numbers. By scanning the pallet's barcode, all the serial numbers of the cases and individual products within are simultaneously registered. This example showcases how aggregation in pharmaceutical products effectively streamlines the tracking of serialized items in pharmaceutical serialization.

UPM offers advanced solutions to meet the demands of aggregation in pharmaceutical products, especially under the DSCSA 2024 mandate. Our approach includes:

  • Data Collection and Organization: Efficiently collecting and organizing critical pharmaceutical serialization data, such as unique identifiers and expiration dates.
  • Hierarchy in Data Management: Establishing clear traceability in pharmaceutical data aggregation, from production to retail through hierarchical data structuring.
  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance: Maintaining accurate records essential for regulatory reporting and auditing in pharmaceutical serialization and traceability.
  • Enhanced Product Traceability: Rapid identification and resolution of issues such as counterfeits or recalls.
  • Seamless Interoperability: Facilitating smooth data exchange across the supply chain network.
  • Real-Time Supply Chain Insights: Offering real-time monitoring for immediate product movement tracking.
  • Informed Decision-Making Support: Aiding in the efficient management of supply chains and the pharmaceutical serialization processes to ensure product authenticity.

With UPM Pharmaceuticals, you're assured of comprehensive and effective pharmaceutical data aggregation solutions and regulatory support, ensuring seamless DSCSA compliance and supply chain security.

Why Choose UPM Pharmaceuticals for Expert Pharma Serialization and Aggregation

Selecting UPM Pharmaceuticals for pharmaceutical serialization and aggregation means partnering with a CDMO renowned for its rich legacy and advanced technology. Our 475,000-square-foot facility in Bristol, Tennessee, combines large-scale capabilities with personalized services. From tech transfer and scale up support to controlled substance handling, we excel in adapting to your project's unique needs while ensuring compliance with the 2024 DSCSA mandates.

  • Bespoke Solutions: Our expertise in custom pharmaceutical serialization and aggregation aligns with your specific project goals.
  • Industry Leader: We are well ahead of our competitors in pharmaceutical product serialization. Aggregated and online serialization is currently in process, well before the mandates go into effect.
  • Technology and Personalization: A unique mix of cutting-edge technology and family-owned agility ensures quality and reliability.

With UPM, you get more than compliance; you receive a partnership dedicated to aligning with your commercial objectives and propelling your products to market success.

Partner with UPM Pharmaceuticals for Pharmaceutical Serialization Solutions You Can Count On

Stay ahead of the competition when you partner with UPM for pharmaceutical product serialization. As a leading provider of pharmaceutical serialization solutions, we excel in customizing our services for your unique requirements in pharmaceutical product serialization and data aggregation. Our focus is on ensuring compliance with DSCSA mandates and bolstering the security of your supply chain.

Ready to advance your pharmaceutical serialization and aggregation strategy? Reach out to us today and explore our cutting-edge pharmaceutical serialization system and data aggregation solutions that prioritize precision, compliance and market success for your pharmaceutical products. Take a virtual tour of our facility or contact us to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pharma Serialization and Aggregation

Explore some of the common questions regarding pharmaceutical product serialization and aggregation.

What is the Primary Goal of Serialization In Pharma?

Pharmaceutical serialization aims to enhance drug safety and supply chain security by assigning unique identifiers to each drug unit, ensuring product traceability and authenticity.

How Does Pharmaceutical Serialization Enhance Global Supply Chain Security?

Pharmaceutical serialization and traceability significantly strengthen global supply chain security by enabling precise tracking of drugs worldwide. By assigning unique serial numbers to each product unit, it becomes possible to trace the journey of drugs from manufacturing to end-users, thus reducing the risk of counterfeit drugs entering the supply chain. The pharma serialization process safeguards patient health and bolsters international trade security in pharmaceuticals.

How Does Data Aggregation Enhance Pharmaceutical Serialization And Traceability?

Data aggregation plays a key role in enhancing pharma serialization and traceability. It involves organizing serialized information in a structured hierarchy, which streamlines the tracking of drugs from production to distribution. This systematic approach is vital not only for regulatory compliance but also for improving the efficiency and reliability of the pharmaceutical supply chain.