Commercial Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

Big Pharma Supplier. Agile Commercial Manufacturing Partner

Whether your product is oral-solid or semi-solid dose, establishing the appropriate analytical framework and formulation design is vital to ensuring optimal production for clinical and commercial-scale manufacturing. UPM’s R&D and formulation experts have advanced several complex compounds from concept to commercialization, applying multidisciplinary expertise to develop the best processing conditions and formulation solutions for each unique product.

Commercial Drug Product Manufacturing and Commercialization Capability

We offer large-scale commercial operations, including pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing of semi-solid creams and ointments as well as oral solid tablets and capsules, producing up to hundreds of millions of doses annually. UPM serves as a second-source supplier for several name brand, generic, nutraceutical and cosmetic products on the market today.

Our Facility: A Family-Pharma Legacy

Our 475,000 square-foot commercial manufacturing facility in Bristol, Tennessee, has been primarily owned and operated by the same family legacy for more than 25 years, with the exception of a three-year acquisition by Pfizer for commercial drug product manufacturing.

Supporting You At Every Stage

As an experienced commercial partner, UPM has time-tested procedures in place to optimize the commercial supply chain wherever you are in your journey. With this strong infrastructure, we can quickly devise the most efficient method to commercialize your product, quickly adjusting as necessary and making collaborative decisions that are truly in the best interest of your product and overall commercial drug manufacturing strategy.

From process development and validation to technology transfer and scale-up, we are able and eager to get your product to the patient at the end of the commercial supply chain. We invite you to visit our commercial drug product manufacturing facility, sit down with our leadership team, and ask the hard questions — an invitation that stands throughout the entirety of our journey together.

Tell Us About Your Project

If you are searching for an agile, full-service manufacturing partner, we welcome you to sit down with us and work through your project. Contact Us today to learn more.