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OTC Topical Drug Product Development

While solid dosages and injectable medications dominate the pharmaceutical marketplace, semi-solid and topical products, especially OTC manufacturing, have grown over the years. Typically meant for skin applications, most semi-solid gels, creams and ointments work as a remedy for issues on the top tissue of the skin or deeper within the internal layers of the skin. OTC semi-solid dosage forms, tablets and topical drug product development requires careful, precise formulation in order to work as intended. Preserving homogeneity is an essential requirement for any topical creams and ointments manufacturer.

What is homogeneity and why is it important for a topical drug product manufacturer?

Maintaining the homogeneity of a semi-solid simply means that the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the topical drug product as it is developed, manufactured and packaged. For example, a topical cream manufacturer is required to ensure homogeneity so that the OTC cream formulation delivers proportional distribution of the API in 1,000 gallons at the CMO as it would in a smaller tube delivered to an end-user.

To preserve the homogenization process, UPM Pharmaceuticals strictly follows cGMP regulations for quality OTC topical manufacturing. You can trust our gel, creams and ointments manufacturer company to produce a safe, effective OTC semi-solid product. Each year, we produce over 1,300 metric tons of semi-solid.

Topical Drug Product Development Capabilities

  • Analytical Development
  • Formulation Development
  • Tech Transfer & Scale-up
  • Commercial Topical Manufacturing (200 to 2000 Gallons)
  • Automated Jar & Tube Packaging Lines
  • OTC Topical Manufacturing (200 to 300-Gallon Pressure Vessels)
  • Offline Serialization (Aggregation Preparation in Process)


Our nearly 500,000-square-foot facility has seen over 80 compounds advanced from proof of concept to commercialization and possesses the capabilities for exceptional topical drug product development and OTC topical manufacturing. If you have an OTC semi-solid project that requires a trusted, award-winning topical drug product manufacturer, UPM Pharmaceuticals can help. Contact us online today or call +1 423-989-8000. If you'd like to learn more about our experience and capabilities, take a look at the related article and pages below.

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