UPM Pharmaceuticals Purchases ACG Fluid Bed Processor FBE 500 Combo


UPM Pharmaceuticals, a division of Gregory Pharmaceutical Holdings, has purchased an ACG Fluid Bed Processor FBE 500 Combo granulator and dryer. The unit is equipped for mixing, granulation/agglomeration, drying, blending and coating of beads and granules. The machine is designed for working volumes of 517 liters and 367 liters, both with top spray and bottom spray. Additionally the unit has 3 Wurster columns with individual height adjustment mechanisms.

The President of UPM, James Gregory, said, “Adding the ACG Fluid Bed Processor FBE 500 Combo is another financial commitment to broaden our capabilities in solids processing at the commercial batch scale. This equipment was chosen not only to strengthen our contract manufacturing services, but in direct response to our Client project needs”.

Fully appreciating that time to market is critical, UPM offers flexible, affordable, and rapid outsourcing services designed to meet clients’ specific development and manufacturing needs from small scale clinical to large scale commercial work. UPM’s clients represent both small and large companies within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and academic institutions who have a focus on clinical studies.

About UPM Pharmaceuticals

UPM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an independent drug development and contract manufacturer serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We provide high quality drug development services including custom formulation development, cGMP clinical and commercial manufacturing, analytical methods services, and stability testing.   UPM’s clients enjoy service that is customized and fast with total quality management characteristics of a customer focused business. Our history includes successful collaborative interactions with small virtual and large billion dollar companies providing customized product development services and solutions. UPM focuses on drug development for dosages with oral routes of administration, in solid dosage forms such as capsules and tablets, and semi-solid creams and ointments. Our 475,000 square foot commercial manufacturing facility based in Bristol, Tennessee allows us to serve our clients’ needs from early stage development to large scale commercial production.