The Power of Clinical Trial Supply Management

Bringing new drugs to market is fraught with challenges. However, clinical trial material pipeline issues can be mitigated by choosing an appropriate clinical batch manufacturing partner. UPM specializes in the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of oral solid dose pharmaceuticals for both clinical and commercial products.

Clinical Trial Supply Management

Choose a CDMO That Excels at Clinical Trial Supply Management

You need a partner that will work with you to ensure the success of your clinical trial through the appropriate analytical framework and formulation design using clinical supply management to ensure optimal production.

Make sure that your CDMO offers full-service clinical trial supply management that includes:

  • Clinical trial material planning
  • Production forecasting
  • Sourcing clinical trial material, including secondary vendors
  • Project management
  • Clinical data development

Clinical Trial Supply Management from Concept to Commercialization

All-in-one solutions offer seamless technology transfer of the formulation process and superior manufacturing results. Scaling up is easier when your clinical batch manufacturing company manages all aspects of bringing your product to market.

Clinical Supply Management

Why Choose UPM as Your Clinical Batch Manufacturing Partner?

UPM is a large-scale CDMO with an expansive legacy of oral semi-solid and solid dosage manufacturing. We are a family-owned business based in the USA that focuses on cultivating long-term relationships with each of our clinical drug development customers.

We offer a comprehensive range of clinical batch manufacturing services, including formulation and analytical development, quality and regulatory support, technology transfer and scale-up, and more to help you realize your development objectives.

We ensure the quality of drugs produced for clinical trials with a well-controlled manufacturing process will lead to in-process blend uniformity. Our team plans for excipients, API, packaging components and necessary third-party resources.

At UPM, we specialize in advancing our customers' formulation development efforts through:

  • Experience - We have more than twenty-five years of experience as a CDMO.
  • Responsive Team - We believe that customizing our partnerships yields the best results, and because of our size, we can respond and adapt with ease.
  • Clinical Data Development - You can reduce the time from drug development to marketing thanks to the high-quality, reliable and statistically sound data collected.
  • Manufacturing Capacity - Our 475,000 SF research and production facility provides us with the capability to meet your generic pharmaceutical needs thanks to our annual one-shift production potential:
    • 700 million capsules
    • 4 billion tablets
    • 1,300,000 kilogram units of semi-solids
  • Temperature-Controlled Warehouse - - With almost 300,000 square feet of surveilled and mapped storage, we can ensure the stability and security of your product.
  • Controlled Substance Capacity - We have 16,000 square feet of DEA-approved vault space available for controlled substance storage.

Frequently Asked Questions Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management

What is clinical trial supply chain management?

Clinical trial supply chain management involves the planning, coordination, and distribution of investigational products to clinical trial sites and participants, ensuring timely and adequate supply throughout the trial.

Why is supply chain management critical in clinical trials?

Effective supply chain management is crucial in clinical trials to ensure that the right investigational products reach the right sites and participants at the right time.

What are the key components of clinical trial supply chain management?

The key components include demand forecasting, procurement, storage, packaging, labeling, distribution, temperature control, inventory management, and accountability for returned or unused supplies.


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