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Key Features
  • Low cost - Smaller financial commitment
  • High quality "Proof-of-Concept" results
  • Target batch size 100 - 500 grams
  • Containment conditions available
  • Scale up to GMP batch sizes and equipment available at UPM.
Low Solubility Solutions
Key Features
  • Full equipment train for processing of poorly soluble compounds such as, Hot Melt Extruder, Liquid-fill-hard gelatin encapsulator
  • Spray Dryer, particle size reduction mills and nano-homogenizers
  • Strategic scientific based customized plan Not locked into a proprietary technology of fixed pricing program
Key Features
  • Handling of potent and cytotoxic compounds
  • Humidity Controlled for moisture sensitive compounds
Key Features
  • Fette 52 I Bi-Layer Tablet Press for bilayer tablets
  • MG-Planeta for granule, mini-tablet and/or powder combinations
Pre-Formulation Equipment& Capabilities
Key Features
  • TA Instruments – Q20 Auto MDSC (Differential scanning calorimetry)
  • TA Instruments – Q50 TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis)
  • Micromeritics Saturn Digisizer (laser particle size analysis)
  • Comprehensive pre-formulation studies including glass transition, purity, solubility, polymorphism, and moisture analysis
New Capabilities at UPM
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Formulation Development

At UPM Pharmaceuticals, scientific sophistication and experience come together with flexibility, responsiveness and innovation. UPM provides pharmaceutical drug development services including formulation development, GMP clinical and commercial manufacturing, analytical methods development and stability testing.

Our drug development services are characterized by a core commitment to meeting the client’s objectives with the highest quality while maintaining the most efficient use of time and controlling costs. Our pharmaceutical development team applies its extensive experience in developing creative solutions to your unique challenges. UPM takes enormous pride in supporting pharmaceutical companies at every step of the of the drug development process.

Throughout the project, we work to advance and optimize your product through scientific and customized approaches. UPM has highly trained staff, detailed scheduling processes, and a broad array of research and manufacturing scale equipment, to ensure your project is successfully completed with quality and on time.

UPM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. provides the following pharmaceutical development support:

To find out more details about UPM’s capabilities, or to arrange a visit to our Bristol Tennessee facility, please contact one of our Business Development professionals that can be found on our contact page.

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