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UPM Pharmaceuticals Low Solubility Solutions

UPM Pharmaceuticals Low Solubility Solutions HME-150-ppiUPM Pharmaceuticals is a leading contract development and manufacturing organization based in Bristol, Tennessee specializing in providing low solubility solutions for R&D development and cGMP manufacture of solid dosage forms containing poorly soluble APIs. Recognized for its affordability and adherence to the strictest standards in quality, production timeliness, and sound scientific fundamentals, UPM’s outstanding research and development team is dedicated to providing formulation development for poorly soluble new chemical entities (NCEs).

Cost-effective approach for low solubility solutions

As the result of high throughput screen and combinatorial chemistry implemented over the last two decades, nearly 75% of NCEs are classified as low solubility compounds. These poorly soluble compounds present many challenges to successful pharmaceutical development. Understanding that many clients prefer to avoid the added expense of proprietary technologies or comprehensive fixed price programs, UPM’s team of specialists first analyzes a matrix of scientific principles that focus the development path most suitable for the API. This approach yields savings that are passed to clients such that they can realize cost-effective yet strategic, customized and scientifically-based plans.

Capital investments for the future of pharmaceuticals

In support of its dedication to these efforts, UPM has made a major capital commitment to address these issues while also enhancing its services to formulate these compounds.

UPM Pharmaceuticals Low Solubility Solutions buchi spray dryerFPS Pilot Mill-2 Jet Mill

  • Can process down between 0.5 and 20 µm particles
  • For batches from 1 g to 3 kg

IK – A IKA Labor – Pilot 2000/4

  • Can process down between 5 – 20 µm
  • Six modules for stirring, homogenizing, emulsifying, and wet milling

Micro DeBEE Homogenizer

  • Maximum continuous flow rate of 250 ml per minute
  • Pressure continuously adjustable from 2,000 to 30,000psi

Buchi Spray Dryer B-290

  • Can process down between 0.5 to 25 µm particles
  • Evaporative capacity of 1.0 liter per hour of water, higher for solvents

Silverson Model L5M-A Mixer Homogenizer

  • 1 ml to 12 liter capacity, In-line assembly can process approximately 20 liter per minute
  • Suitable for mixing, emulsifying, disintegrating and dissolving

Leistritz Nano-16 Twin Screw Hot Melt Extrude

  • 30 g batches up to 1 kg per hour for Nano-16
  • Up to 3 kg. per hour for Micro-18 configuration using dual twin-screw gravimetric feeders
  • Micro Liquid Additive Injection System (0.2-10 ml/min)

UPM’s low solubility solutions provide economically-friendly formulation development marked by unparalleled customer service for each of its clients. For a contract development and manufacturing organization focused on top notch production and high-quality results, contact the specialists and researchers at UPM.

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