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Formulation Development

Formulation development has been one of the key services UPM has offered since its inception at the University of Maryland.  Our experienced and professional scientists thoroughly enjoy providing industry standard and unique solutions for our clients and their respective drug development programs.  Armed with a full armamentarium of formulation evaluation services for solid oral and semi-solid creams and ointments which include:

  • Formulation Development - UPM PharmaceuticalsContent Uniformity Evaluation
  • Dissolution Testing
  • Stability Assessment
  • In-vitro Bioequivalence Determination
  • Powder Flow Determination
  • Compressibility Evaluation
  • Disintegration Testing
  • Friability Testing
  • Tap Density Testing
  • DOE

Our formulation development scientists provide a solutions for:

  • Solid and Semi-Solid Formulation Development
  • Immediate Release Tablet and Capsule Formulations
  • Controlled Release Tablets and Capsule Formulations
  • Mini-Tablets / Bilayer Tablets
  • Evolution 6300 with TCS - Dissolution TestingHighly Insoluble Compounds
  • Fast Oral Disintegrating Tablet Formulations
  • Matrix and Coating Formulations
  • Wet and Dry Granulations
  • Low Dose Content Uniformity
  • High Dose Compressibility
  • Full Support from Concept to Commercialization

Finally our scientists maintain and excellent relationship with our analytical group to ensure the appropriate testing, method development, and timeliness is maintained for each development program UPM supports and advances for our clientele.

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