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UPM Pharmaceuticals Clinical Manufacturing - Lab Encapsulator

Clinical Manufacturing Services

With our long history as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, every new client and every new project at UPM receives the highest quality products with the greatest efficiency and speed possible. We proudly provide uncompromising performance backed by intellectual distinction and the best equipment and processes in the profession.

We provide our clientele with cGMP clinical manufacturing through Phase I, II, and III, semi and fully-automated tableting and over-encapsulation, blinding and preparation of dosage forms, packaging and manufacture of Schedule II – V controlled drugs. We are capable of producing batch sizes ranging from 3Ks to 500Ks, depending on blend density and the process used.

Every aspect of the work we do at UMP is informed by our extensive experience and handled with the utmost skill. We devote our attentions to each precise detail, as well as overall quality. We believe that intellectual distinction and superior performance are the legacies we share with all our clients.

Precision, flexibility and speed

State of the art equipment in all areas of clinical manufacturing provides UPM’s clients with the utmost in accuracy and speed. Our tablet presses have individual capabilities such as B or D tooling, small-scale manufacture for R&D, and capacities up to 170,000  per hour. With cutting-edge encapsulation equipment, we are able to produce as few as 100 capsules or as many as 100,000 capsules per hour. UPM can also handle, semi-solids such as creams and ointments.

From early feasibility  and first-round trials to later large-scale clinical  batches, UPM’s processes shorten drug development time and speeds time to the clinic with:

  • Direct API fill into capsules
  • Single or bi-layered tableting
  • Encapsulation and over-encapsulation
  • Encapsulation of powders, granules, tablets, and combinations

Specialty applications

Look to UPM for the highest quality specialty applications. Our capabilities include variable capacity high speed coating equipment, precision processing of fine powders, pellets, granules and crystals, production of high-density, low-excipient granules, and uniform, durable compaction.

We provide our clients with versatile applications for every purpose and every step in the clinical manufacturing process. Among the many applications we feature are:

  • Coating for beads and tablets
  • Granulation and fluid bed
  • Extrusion and spheronization
  • Roller compaction
  • Particle size reduction
  • Large and small batch blending and mixing
  • Precision weight sorting

Trusted, innovative services

At UPM we perform every service with the utmost quality and a core commitment to meeting our clients’ clinical manufacturing objectives efficiently. In order to do so, we offer a series of additional innovative services. Trust UPM to provide you with superior results in these additional areas:

  • High potency dosages
  • Low humidity manufacturing
  • Manufacture of Schedule II – V controlled drugs
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