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Clinical Manufacturing

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we strive to continue our legacy of intellectual distinction and uncompromised performance with every new client and project.  Our pharmaceutical manufacturing services include cGMP manufacturing through Phase I, II, and III, dosage form preparation and blinding, semi and full-automated overencapsulation and tableting, packaging and Schedule II-V control drug manufacturing.  UPM’s years of experience in this field assures our clientele that their manufacturing process will be handled with the utmost skill, attention to detail, and quality.  Batch size range between 3K’s to 500K’s depending on the process and density of the blend.

Our capabilities include:

  • Direct API fill into capsules
  • Tableting: Single / Bilayered
  • Encapsulation / Overencapsulation
  • Encapsulation for powders, granules, tablets and mixed combinations
  • Coating: Beads / Tablets
  • Granulation / Fluid Bed
  • Extrusion / Spheronization
  • Roller Compaction
  • Particle Size Reduction
  • Blending / Mixing
  • Weight Sorting
  • Packaging / Labeling
  • Schedule II-V control drug manufacturing
  • High Potency
  • Low humidity manufacturing available

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