UPM Opens Solids Formulation R&D Facility

UPM is excited to announce the opening of its newly designed and qualified Solids Formulation R&D Facility.

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UPM Pharmaceuticals Awarded The 2015 Industry Choice Award for Mid-sized and Emerging Pharma

UPM Pharmaceuticals, an independent drug contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), was awarded the prestigious “2015 Industry Choice Award” in the Mid-sized and Emerging Pharma sector. The award was presented by Life Science Leader magazine during the annual CMO Leadership Awards Ceremony and Reception in New York City on March 18, 2015. Continue reading

UPM Pharmaceuticals Purchases ACG Fluid Bed Processor FBE 500 Combo

UPM Pharmaceuticals, a division of Gregory Pharmaceutical Holdings, has purchased an ACG Fluid Bed Processor FBE 500 Combo granulator and dryer. The unit is equipped for mixing, granulation/agglomeration, drying, blending and coating of beads and granules. The machine is designed for working volumes of 517 liters and 367 liters, both with top spray and bottom spray. Additionally the unit has 3 Wurster columns with individual height adjustment mechanisms. Continue reading