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Extrusion Spheronization

UPM Pharmaceuticals Extrusion Spheronization Equipment and ServicesThe following is a sample of UPM’s extrusion and spheronization equipment:

Fuji-Paudal MG-55

  • Single-screw
  • 25 kg/hour

 GB Caleva 380

  • Variable size spheronizing disc
  • Continuous feed
  • 4 kg fill

Caleva Screen Extruder

  • Screen from 0.5-2.5mm
  • Processing rates or up to 20 kg per hour

 Caleva MBS Spheronizer 120

  • Working capacity from 10 to 150 g
  • For limited or expensive material

 Leistritz Nano-16 Twin Screw Hot Melt Extruder

  • 30 g batches up to 1 kg per hour for Nano-16
  • Up to 3 kg. per hour for Micro-18 configuration using dual twin-screw gravimetric feeders
  • Micro Liquid Additive Injection System (0.2-10 ml/min)

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